we make films

Roman is a visionary filmmaker as well as a diehard cinephile.

Whether her is creating an award winning bumper or blogging about his love for all things cinema, you will find that the guy knows his stuff.


fantastic fest 2016 bumper competition winner

Above is the video that won the Alamo Drafthouse 2016 Bumper competition. Roman wrote, directed, produced and sung in this video. Cherie created the costume, props and set. See...we are a great team here at Essential RockStar! Form more on Roman or to connect with him, visit www.romanfruehan.com

renegade priest

While in College, Roman dreamt up and created a 'fake trailer' for Renegade Priest, the first in a series of the renegades, a tongue in cheek nod to his love of Exploitation films. Roman seldom meets a B Movie he doesn't like...if it's bad, it's good!

Be on the lookout for the next iteration - Renegade Rabbi, (in production).

the serpent that bleeds red

Created as a film entrant to Texas Frightmare and a nod to Roman's love of Italian Giallo films...we told you he loved films...The Serpent That Bleeds Red (Il Serpente Che Sanguina Rosso), shows the attention to detail that he puts into everything that he creates.