Whether applying paint, molding clay, designing a small piece of jewelry or a large film set, or even writing a novel, the studio is always abuzz with an energetic project!

From pieces that were purely inspired on a whim to those that were commissioned for specific interiors you will always find a harmonious palette in house. 


working studio


Above are three pieces that were photographed in progress, two are big and bold colorful faces that are part of a series, they are oil over acrylic on canvas. The other is a resin painting that has been tinted, poured and torched, leaving both a vibrant and energetic palette. All three pieces can be purchased here.

Plaster faces on canvas.

Plaster faces on canvas.


The above photo features another work in progress that is part of the face series. These plaster faces on canvas will be painted with tinted resin.

Resin painting on canvas.

Resin painting on canvas.


Resin paintings take on a life of their own, they can be bold or subtle. They are most interesting when viewed up close, revealing enthralling layers and effects.